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About Me

My Experience


My name is Jennifer Fisher, and I am a certified mediator, a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Psychology. I have been co-owner of a small business in Portland, Maine.  I am passionate about communication, compassion, fairness, fun, adventure, travel, music and Maine grown food. 

My Approach


Conflict is inevitable, it is part of our life and often people have not learned the tools on how to handle it without all or nothing thinking, not able to see another side, or withdrawal. I see this as an education in learning the nuances of conflict and how to use these skills for a peaceful environment and or culture around oneself that promotes less illness, ability to be present, be open-minded, yet learn skills for healthy boundaries, a a more pleasant experience in general. 

Why me?


Conflict combined with  tension  in home environments has shown to have higher stress levels, more illness, less sleep, unhealthy avoidance behaviors (technology addiction, drug/alcohol. workaholism). Learning how to communicate and personal reactions to conflict can lower these struggles. Conflict in the workplace has been shown to slow or halt productivity, increase costs, lower team moral, create negative or a stressful work culture and affects how your business is run.  Most families and executives and employees aren’t trained in how to handle disagreements/conflict especially personality and relational, and that is where I come in.