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Conflict Resolution Consulting and Mediation services


Conflict in the workplace has been shown to slow or halt productivity, increase costs, lower team moral, increase a negative and stressful work culture which  affects how your business is run. Most business owners, executtives and employees aren’t trained in how to handle disagreements and that is where I come in. I help find resolution. I help companies improve communication and productivity, while helping executives and employees feel valued and less stressed at work.I help integrate different points of view and finding resolution without losing identity.  I help people rebuild/repair relationships whilee they are in conflict. I help with relational and personality conflicts as well as larger disagreements.  This helps your  company’s  bottom  line  in avoiding  lawsuits  and  other  costs  associated  with disagreements.  

Conflict Resolution Coaching


I help companies find resolution. I coach business owners, executives and managers through conflict,  negotiation, high tension and stressful experiences in their work environment.  This creates peace that not only for individual ease, but reverberates through the company to help with productivity. Studies have shown that conflict in business halts productivity, costs a lot of money, creates more turnover, and provides a stressful work environment.  Small changes make a big difference in how to have positive communication but still getting needs met. 

Workshops, Trainings and Facilitation


I teach and facilitate peaceful communication strategies, stress management, and how to handle enivitable conflict not only in ones work environment, but in all environments. I can tailor a training for your company’s needs.